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Entanglement – Font

“Entanglement” is a geometric, futuristic font, inspired by cosmology and space, and born out of … elemental particles I guess??

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Tchaikovsky Font

“Tchaikovsky” font was created as an ode to music, which was (and still is) a big part of my life.

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Frosty – Font

Frosty is a festive decorative font, inspired by Christmas. Designed with swirls and twirls and intricate details, so that to

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Necromancer - fonts - portfolio - Ioanna Ladopoulou

Necromancer – Font

A decorative, uppercase font, inspired by Ancient Runes. I was once involved in a project involving Vikings and became so

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Black Metal - fonts - portfolio - Ioanna Ladopoulou

Black Metal – Font

“Black Metal” is a modern, gothic font, inspired by metal bands and metal music. Designed with harsh lines, and in

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Werewolves - fonts - portfolio - Ioanna Ladopoulou

Werewolves – Font

“Werewolves” is a decorative font, designed with wolves and fangs in mind. Originally it was supposed to be a playful

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Dragonlord - fonts - portfolio - Ioanna Ladopoulou

Dragonlord – Font

I designed “Dragonlord” with dragons, spikes and magic in mind. Original inspiration was a poster of “Dr Strange” movie, but

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Omega Centauri - fonts - portfolio - Ioanna Ladopoulou

Omega Centauri – Font

‘Omega Centauri” is a display, futuristic font, inspired by space, and based on its predecessor “Alpha Centauri”. Is was designed

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