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Ioanna Ladopoulou

I am an award-winning traditional and digital artist and I am here to help you with your artistic endeavours. Check out my brushes, fonts, or art, and be sure to follow my blog for advice and inspiration.

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Being a perfectionist, over the years I developed my own custom brushes, to use in my digital paintings. Now, these brushes are available to all of you, to use and enjoy! 


I was always captivated by lettering, the flow and the form of the lines. Naturally, I became particularly interested in creating fonts. The idea of making unique something so restrictive, is the ultimate challenge for me!


I was always captivated by the human face, each little line telling a different story, and I love to convey all these feelings in my work. My art is mostly portrait photorealism, which I do both traditionally and digitally. 


Tutorials, reviews, advice and the occasional rumbling of a passionate artist. This is the place, where I share my thoughts!


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