Traditional & Digital Art

I was always captivated by the human face, each little line telling a different story, and I love to convey all these feelings in my work. My art is mostly portrait photorealism, which I do both traditionally and digitally.

A selection of my traditional drawings is available for purchase at my Etsy store. You can explore them here, or you can get in touch to have something custom made just for you!

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Photorealistic Art

Here is a selection of my portfolio featuring graphite, colored and digital drawings.


Haven’t been feeling myself lately. We have achieved so much as humanity, yet… In February 2022, after two years of

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Masque Blanc

My mood lately. The face we “wear”, the face we show to the world, is not real, and sometimes even

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All your questions answered!
Sean Connery - procreate drawing - portfolio - Ioanna Ladopoulou

For my digital paintings I use procreate app on iPad Pro. For my traditional drawings, you can find a detailed list of what I use here.

Yes, a selection of my works is available here

Generally yes, please send me an email with your request and I will send you a quote.

Yes I do. You can find a selection of tutorials on my traditional and digital YouTube channel.

You can also check out my blog where I occasionally post tutorials in written form. 

For questions or business inquiries

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You can also follow me on my social media!