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Nomad sculpt

30 Day Nomad Sculpt challenge

I’ve been ”suffering” from a pretty bad art block lately. If you an artist (professional or hobbyist, it doesn’t matter) chances are that you experienced an art block at least once in your artistic journey. If you are not, an art block is when you lose all motivation to do

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How to create an emboidery graphic in procreate

A bit of shameless self-promotion today. When I created my custom emboidery procreate brushes, I got many questions about the promo image. So, here is a tutorial today, where I will be showing how you can create a similar graphic in procreate. Step 1: Background With the ”texture4” brush from

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Draw this again

Draw this again – Steve Jobs vol2

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have noticed that I tend to draw the same subjects again and again. There is a reason for that. Some people/characters inspire me so much that I wanna draw them … again and again! (Also, if you want to become

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General discussion

Why you need your own website

On the 4th of October 2021, instagram and facebook shut down globally, for the entire day. Those who relied solely on instagram to promote their business and (possibly) sell their products, had a serious problem. And although most people went back to social media like nothing happened, for some it

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How to get perfect proportions – vol2

How to get the proportions right, is a question I get asked almost on a daily basis. I did a mini tutorial some time ago, but it is mainly for beginners. Here I will try to elaborate and expand the topic, so as to include “intermediate” artists. Without further ado,

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Coloring pages

How to draw a Dino Egg Folding Surprise

As I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, we do a lot of drawing and crafting with my kids. It was only a matter of time before we went into the “folding surprises” wagon! It all started when my daughter brought this folding surprise fish from school. We

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Kids Crafts

How to make an Olaf Bookmark

Today, I have another funny craft for you, to do with your kids. Or alone for that matter, I am a total sucker for kids crafts! I initially made a similar Olaf as a label for my son’s schoolbag. (There’s his name on the back side, I guess it’s greek

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Coloring pages

Coloring Sharkdog (Netflix)

A different post today, not strictly (fine) art related, but it is still part of my journey. 🙂 Being an artsy parent can have certain disadvantages, especially when it comes to kids. Yes, kids! Because they can have crazy demands from you. Naturally, we spend a lot of creative time

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Colored Pencils

Caran D’Ache Luminance Review vol2

So, here’s the deal. After a long (1-year long) break from Caran D’Ache Luminance colored pencils and from traditional drawing in general, I decided to give these pencils another chance.  Because I initially wasn’t impressed. The most annoying part was that everyone on the internet was raving about them, but

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