Articka Art Glove Review

Hello everyone! Another not-so-ordinary review today, so be prepared: if you are looking for an in-depth break down of the product, this post is not for you. However, I am sooo incredibly excited about this particular glove, I had to share the news with you! Because out of all art gloves that I have ever tried, Articka Gloves are the only ones that fit my tiny hands. Congrats to the brand for including products for all sizes. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

First of all, I honestly don’t believe that art gloves are something necessary. You can find the detailed article here. It is quite old but my opinions haven’t changed. I don’t believe art gloves are necessary, however I like using them. I live in Greece and it gets really warm and humid, especially during the hot summer months. Art Gloves keep my iPad screen from getting greasy and slippery. Plus they give me the feeling of “luxury”, of taking good care of my beloved iPad.

The problem is that I am a very small person and I probably have the world’s smallest hands. So small that I always cut my art gloves. 

I have tiny hands so I always cut my art gloves

Not a big problem, I have cut many gloves, I am used to it. Still, a cut glove is not the same as a whole glove, as the tips of the fingers occasionally mess with the palm rejection, especially when my hands are sweaty. Kinda cancels the reason you got the glove in the first place.

Anyways, the other day I ordered two Articka gloves, I heard a lot about them so I thought I would try them as well. When they arrived, I took my trusted pair of scissors, tried the glove on and … it was a perfect fit!

Articka Art Glove – front
Articka Art Glove – Back

This might look trivial to you, but as a tiny person that I am, I have been struggling my whole life to find clothes that fit, shoes that fit, gloves that fit… I just cannot believe that I have found an art glove that is actually my size, it feels surreal! If you too, like me, have tiny hands, you might want to consider Articka Art gloves.

But since this post is supposed to be a “review”, I will try to share more details about the product, to help you find out if you really need it.


Looks sturdy enough and well-made. I didn’t have the chance to test it thoroughly (I couldn’t wait to share the news!) so I will be updating this post as I use it more and more. However, to be completely honest, I never have any durability problems with my art gloves, they all hold up very well. I don’t know if I am just lucky or I maybe I take good care of them. The fact is that no art glove got damaged on my hand (quite literally!). When I buy a new, it is only because I am bored with the old ones.


No review is complete without a price, right? I got a set of two art gloves for 13£ from I got size small. A set of two medium size gloves costs 28£, honestly I don’t understand how exactly pricing works, just sharing as many details as I can. I would say their price is moderate. You can find both cheaper and more expensive gloves.

Customer Service

Articka has a special way with its customers. The gloves arrived in a package full of goodies, a sticker, a leaflet with instructions, and a coupon for a free drawing course. To be honest most of them are useless to me personally, but they are indicative of the company’s will to treat its customers.

Our local grocery store is a small family business and whenever we go there with my kids, the owners give them a candy. A small trivial candy with practically no value. But it is the gesture that makes all the difference. It’s the exact same thing with Articka. You get a well-prepared package, not a plain glove.

Articka Art glove arrived in a well-prepared package


As I mentioned before, they are the only gloves that fit my tiny hand 100%. Totally love that the brand’s philosophy to include all sizes. You can expect to see more of this white glove in my future videos!

That’s all folks! What about you? Do you also struggle with Art Glove size? Have you found your holy grail yet?

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