30 Day Nomad Sculpt Challenge – Day 11: Glass of Wine

11th day of my 30 day 3D challenge. As promised yesterday, today I took it down a notch. Instead of creating a mega project, I focused on improving my actual skills, I watched a ton of tutorials, I played a lot with lighting and materials, and a bonus: I realized all these ten days (since today is my 11th day of the challenge) I was doing everything wrong. Well, not ”wrong”, there’s no ”right” or ”wrong” in art, but let’s say that I was self-sabotaging my own progress. If you are too a beginner in nomad sculpt, here’s an advice for you: When sculpting complicated objects, always use as few vertices as possible.

So, today’s project was a glass of wine. About two years ago I had painted this glass below digitally, on my ipad, in procreate app. I kinda tried to replicate the result, in nomad sculpt this time.

2D glass, painted digitally on ipad pro, in procreate app

The project itself was simple so I had the chance to play with textures, etc. And that was … not so simple.

The problem with Nomad Sculpt is that it is not a popular app, at least not as popular as other 3D desktop programs. So, resources and tutorials are limited. This is not necessarily bad, because sometimes it is better to find the solution yourself, without external help. But it is time consuming nevertheless. Long story short: I could find any resource on how to make liquid in a glass. In the end I ”cheated” and used a dark colored background. My wine looks like wine against the black background, but on a different background … looks nothing like wine.

Glass of wine against a light background
Glass of Wine against a dark background

Anyways, sometimes “cheating” is part of the process too! But if you know how to make liquid inside glass, in Nomad sculpt, please let me know!

Overall, today was a great day sculpt-wise. As far as the result, 2D versus 3D: 0 – 1. Who would have known that certain things are a lot easier in 3D.

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