30 Day Nomad Sculpt Challenge – Day 21: Hourglass

21st day of my 30 day 3D challenge. Another fun project today, namely an hourglass, followed by a procreate animation. All my favorite things in one, time (I’m obsessed with time, the general relativity one! 🤪) elegance and animation.

They say that the simpler the project, the more challenging it can be. This is annoyingly true, particularly in art. Really. When drawing in 2D, I am more confident when I do eg a portrait with crazy details, than a subject with simple, minimal lines. Because when a drawing is too complicated, people admire technical ability. Whereas when an artwork is ”simple”, it is stripped of all technical details and it is judged solely for its “artistic” value, the message it conveys.

Detailed photorealistic drawing vs simple minimalistic drawing

So when I say that the hourglass wasn’t as easy as it looks, take my word for it!

Sculpting an hourglass in Nomad Sculpt

To be honest, I initially planned to do something on the surreal side, just like the following digital painting I did a while ago.

Her Reign is over – procreate digital painting

But 3D is new to me and my hands cannot quite create the vision in my head. Yet. Or so I like to think. But I promise I will come back to this hourglass, when I get better and more experienced. For now, at least I enjoyed a little animation. Not perfect, but so soothing (to my nerves) nevertheless.

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