30 Day Nomad Sculpt Challenge – Day 22: Elsa

22nd day of my 30 day 3D challenge. And I attempted to sculpt Elsa from Frozen.

Ok, where do I start now? If this is not your first time visiting my site, you might have noticed that I am obsessed with faces. I am primarily a portrait artist, specializing in photorealistic portraits, which I love to do both traditionally and digitally. Portraits are the one thing I am confident working on, and normally I have no problems getting the likeness of a face. (Well, that’s not exactly true, I always skip a heartbeat when I start a new portrait. Of course I showcase my best work, that’s why they look flawless. But that’s another story. One day I hope I will be brave enough to share all my failed attempts!)

But it seems drawing portraits in 2D has nothing to do with sculpting portraits in 3D. Sculpting portraits is HARD. And even though I was eager for this day to come (the day that I would sculpt a realistic-ish face in 3D), I wasn’t quite prepared for it. I had many problems, and getting the likeness of the face wasn’t as easy as in 2D. (In fact, I am not sure if my model qualifies as Elsa, or maybe I should call her an OC??!) Nevertheless, I am so happy that I actually sculpted a realistic face, and I am determined to keep it up!

Elsa from Frozen in Nomad Sculpt

She is also half-finished. No details, no textures, no colors, no … nothing. For two reasons. Firstly I am not comfortable enough to add all these little details in Nomad Sculpt and secondly, I just needed more time. Instead of doing a rushed and sloppy work, I decided to leave it as is. Not sure how to proceed – if I should call it done, or spend another day polishing it up. We’ll see I guess!

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