Another 30 Days Nomad Sculpt Challenge – Day 11: Keys

Welcome to day 11 of another 30 day 3D challenge. Today’s subject is a bunch (there are two of them, plural, so theoretically it’s a bunch) of skeleton keys.

My first idea was to model my own keys. But they are … too many, old, dirty and not appealing to the eye. As an artist that I am (you can argue that, but let’s agree for the sake of this blog that I truly am an artist) you would expect that I own aesthetically pleasing stuff. In reality I do not pay any attention to my personal items. As long as they do the job… I don’t care. Yep, I am a deeply disturbed person. (My husband calls me a “black hole”, I leave a trail of entropy, of untidiness in my path. Of course he doesn’t mean it. Or does he?! 🤔)

My fabulous keys

So I went for something more elegant. And ended up modeling a couple of skeleton keys. Much better than my own, right?

Skeleton keys in Nomad Sculpt

And since it was an easy and fast project (minimal sculpting, just combining many basic shapes), I took the remaining time to play with the environment – my favorite! I think I did a decent job.

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