Another 30 Days Nomad Sculpt Challenge – Day 2: Cup of Coffee

Day 2 today of Another 30 days 3D challenge, and I almost messed up. I was working on a very challenging and demanding project (which I hope you will see tomorrow) which wasn’t ready on time. So, the last moment I changed plans and started a cup of coffee.

Cup of Coffee in Nomad Sculpt

And of course, when you are in a hurry nothing goes as planned. Originally I wanted to create a super-realistic cup of coffee, with an impressive smoke animation. Well, as you can see, I failed. But at least I managed to create something like a realistic-ish kind of smoke-thingy. That’s something, right??

Which was very easy to create actually. And if I had time, I bet I could make it a lot better. I am attaching my settings below, so maybe you can try it and perfect it. It is made of overlapping lathe objects, each slightly smaller than the other.

Smoke in Nomad Sculpt – 1

Each one having approximately these settings:

Smoke in Nomad Sculpt – 2

You can also check out the video for more details.

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