Coloring Sharkdog (Netflix)

A different post today, not strictly (fine) art related, but it is still part of my journey. 🙂

Being an artsy parent can have certain disadvantages, especially when it comes to kids. Yes, kids! Because they can have crazy demands from you. Naturally, we spend a lot of creative time together with my little ones. We do a lot of drawing, coloring, cutting and glueing… and when we are done, we start all over again.

Lately we’ve been obsessed with Netflix’s Sharkdog. (Yes, me included! Sometimes I feel like the biggest kid in the playground.) And since we couldn’t find any coloring pages of our favorite animal on the internet, we decided to make our own. It was a blast! Not only my kids loved it, but also I was strangely excited myself. For someone who mainly does photorealistic art, it felt great to try something new, something that I don’t feel the pressure to be “perfect” at. Quite the opposite in fact, my basic coloring is so bland, even my 5.5 year old daughter does a better job! But that’s ok, I’m so proud of her. ❤️

My daughters drawing vs mine!

Generally, I love it so much, creating stuff with my little ones. Kids can be a great influence (especially for overgrown-up, control freak artists XD) They do not suppress their imagination, they do not care about the outcome, they are free of constraints and they just wanna have fun.

My son for example, didn’t care about coloring, he wanted to cut out Sharkdog and make a paper toy. I think we did a decent job! And, regarding artistic freedom, I need a page out of his book…

Paper Sharkdog

So, here’s me, having fun! Keep scrolling to download our templates. Happy coloring!

Sharkdog and Max – coloring page – 1
Sharkdog and Max – coloring page – 2
Sharkdog and Max – coloring page – 3
Sharkdog and Max – coloring page – 4

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