Drawing Aquaman

Drawing Aquaman

Drawing Aquaman

Drawing Jason Momoa as Aquaman today. As I mentioned before, I was the biggest cinema nerd before having my two babies. So it was not easy having my friends ranting about how great “Aquaman” was, still they can’t draw him, can’t they?? XD

Anyways, tried to mix graphite and colored pencils here, which I only did once before. I think I love this combination and if it is done right, the result is rather impressive.


Drawing Aquaman - graphite
Drawing Aquaman – graphite

For the graphite parts I used:

– Lyra art&design 9B pencil (wow, I just realized this one should be my signature pencil – Joanna Vu art&design. Literally!)

– staedtler Mars lumograph 3B pencil

– plain pechanical 0.5 2B pencil

That’s all. After my previous post I decided I should be more of a minimalist.

Drawing Aquaman - colored pencil parts
Drawing Aquaman – colored pencil parts

For the colored pencil parts, used the following colors, all by faber-castell:

– cinnamon, sanguine, brown sienna, walnut brown, black, pthalo blue, emerald green.

I did the white hairs on the graphite part using this technique. Since it doesn’t work as well with colored pencils, white hairs on colored pencil part, was done with a pencil eraser and a white post a marker.

Paper I chose was Winsor&Newton smooth surface cartridge pad 230gsm.

And voila!

Aquaman drawing
Aquaman drawing

To be honest, I liked the result. So happy that I am finally beginning to get my mojo back! (Remember the two babies I mentioned before? 😉 )

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