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Drawing the WonderWoman

Drawing WonderWoman

After double graphite/colored pencil Aquaman, I thought I would do a similar drawing of Gal Gadot/WonderWoman. Unlike Aquaman, however, I had a lot of trouble with badass WonderWoman! (Well, I should have expected it, she’s … WonderWoman after all!). Anyways, hope I did her, well, Justice!

Back to the drawing. Fist the graphite parts. That was relatively easy.

Drawing the WonderWoman/graphite parts
Drawing the WonderWoman/graphite parts

Tools I used for these black and white parts are:

– mechanical 0.5 2B pencil

– normal 3B staedtler Mars lumograph pencil

– normal 9B Lyra art design pencil

– pencil eraser

– kneaded eraser

Graphite Parts - Tools
Graphite Parts – Tools

Now the colored parts. Once again I chose the wrong kind of paper. Since I had to tackle this double black&white/colored drawing I would either choose paper that would be ideal for the colored parts, or the graphite parts. Unfortunately I chose paper for the graphite parts. (Winsor&Newton smooth surface cartridge board) And it was a nightmare trying to render her flawless skin in color.

Drawing WonderWoman - colored parts
Drawing WonderWoman – colored parts

Pencils I used for the colored parts, all faber-castell, either polychromos or Albrecht Dürer. (I like both pencils and they work the same for me. I just use whatever pencil is readily available at the local bookstore, in the small town I live in.)

– black, light chrome yellow, orange glaze, magenta, pompeian red, caput mortuum violet, walnut brown, caput mortuum, raw umber, sanguine, cinnamon, cool grey IV

Colored Parts - Tools
Colored Parts – Tools

I know, too many colors to achieve such a monochromatic effect. I will try to be more efficient next time and take a leaf out of my own book. But like I said, I had a bit of a trouble.

WonderWoman - Final Drawing
WonderWoman – Final Drawing

And a bonus font! Designed to look like the WonderWoman logo. You can download it here

That’s all folks! Keep creating!

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