Electric Guitar in Nomad Sculpt

Oh, my Gosh I have been terrible at updating my blog. As for my another 30 day 3D challenge … let’s say it didn’t go very well. On top of everything else, we got Covid and I relived the quarantine days, stuck at home with the kids, unable to do anything. But here I am, back to my beloved boring routine again! 😆 Yep, I love boring. I promise I’ll never complain about “boring” again.

All this time I was wondering why I couldn’t find any guitar 3D models in Nomad Sculpt. Now I know why…

Ibanez Guitar in Nomad Sculpt

I am still new to 3D and Nomad Sculpt, so I am pretty sure I did many things unorthortodoxically. Since Nomad Sculpt is a sculpting app, precision considering shapes, distances, crisp lines etc is impossible. So you might notice a lot of imperfections, consider them artistic freedom!

Imperfections in Nomad Sculpt. Crisp lines and exact distances are hard to do.

Truth is I wanted this model to be perfect (This is actually my husband’s guitar) but I guess I created so many polygons, that the app kept crashing every minute or so towards the end. So I had to make a lot of compromises, especially with painting. But I plan to retouch/redo it in a desktop app (possibly blender). Wish me luck!

Painting the body

Oh, and special thanks to my husband for lending me his guitar (also for tolerating me all these years, but that’s another story!😉). Actually, he also wrote the music that plays through the timelapse video below. So we have a model of an Ibanez, and the music played by the same Ibanez. And no, I am not sponsored. At least not yet! 😆

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