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Painting Gal Gadot as WonderWoman

Painting WonderWoman

My hand was itching to make a few strokes the other day and I ended up painting Gal Gadot as WonderWoman.

Painting WonderWoman
Painting WonderWoman on IPad Pro with Apple Pencil

I haven’t been able to draw traditionally lately, and it seems a lot of time will pass until I will have the time and energy to do so. Sorry guys. I would so much like to say that “I will be back soon” but it would be a lie. (You can read more about my story here) So Gal was painted digitally on iPad Pro, in procreate, using Apple Pencil, my all-time favourite combination for digital painting. (need to make a post about this, stay tuned!)

Here, I will be sharing my painting process as well as tips and tricks for drawing/painting with procreate.

First I add messily blocks of color so that I have an basic idea about the composition. I only use procreate’s standard hard airbrush brush.

Painting WonderWoman
WonderWoman wip1

Then I start working on the details. I quickly paint the background using my custom brushes which you can get here. (specifically the nebula and starfield brushes from the galaxy brush set) I keep asking big strokes untill she starts resembling Gal.:)

Painting Wonderwoman
WonderWoman wip2

Time to reduce the size of the brush and start adding details. Using smaller strokes, I add the hair and start sculpting her features. Up to this point, I am using standard procreate brushes only.

WonderWoman wip3

I now render the skin making it as realistic as I can. Now is the time to add details everywhere, the background, the skin, the hair, and play with the overall piece, the colors, brightness, saturation etc. I switch to custom skin & hair brushes. (which you can get here)

WonderWoman wip4

I keep adding details until I’m satisfied. Or until my head hurts. XD Some final touch ups and I call it done. Although I sometimes keep revisiting the piece regularly.

WonderWoman final
WonderWoman final

In my YouTube channel there’s also a short time lapse video. It’s quite fast, but hopefully you can make out what I am doing.

So… that’s all! Till the next time, take care guys!

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