Sculpt this again: Cupcake

Welcome to another installment to my “do this again” series. This time it is “sculpt it again”, and it is the first time I share my 3D progress, mainly because 3D is relatively new to me. I have been sculpting digitally for a little longer than two years, however most of this time I was idle. The real time I was practicing was much less.

However, I modeled a cupcake the other day and I remembered that I had modeled a cupcake before. About two years ago, when I was just starting out with Nomad Sculpt. I am sharing my progress to give hope to all beginners out there! Here, have a cupcake. (or two!)

Cupcake in Nomad Sculpt – 1

My first cupcake was sculpted in December 2021, in Nomad Sculpt app, on the iPad. Back then I remember I was very proud of my sickly pink cupcake. Now?? Hmmm let’s say that it makes me lose my appetite.

Cupcake in Nomad Sculpt – 2

And the second cupcake, modeled in February 2024, a little longer than 2 years later. This one was also done in Nomad Sculpt app, on the same iPad. (it is the iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inches by the way) I’m definitely happier with the second cupcake, what about you?

I need to mention that two years is a long time, of course I came a long way (or so I would like to believe!) but also the app came along way too. In fact Nomad Sculpt is one of the few apps (that I am aware of) that is soooo frequently and massively updated. (The developers are just beasts.) So, I had more tools to play with, when I baked the second Cupcake. They certainly made things easier.

Anyways, what I want to say is that progress is always there, even when you don’t see it. As long as you do what you love, with consistency and respect, results will always come. And even if they don’t come, you are still doing what you love, which is already awesome! Do you know how many people lose themselves in things they don’t love? You are blessed fellow artists! Keep practicing!

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