Tutorial: Paper Dragon with Flapping Wings

As I have mentioned before, my kids and I love everything crafty. Lately we’ve been obsessed with dragons and craft pins. So today I’ll show how we made our Toothless-inspired, flapping-wings paper dragons.

Paper Dragons

You can scroll down to download the ready-to-print template, or you can draw your own dragon. The only tools you’re gonna need are crayons, scissors and a pair of craft pins.

Craft pins are safe-ish pins for kids crafts. I am not sure how exactly they are called in English (mind you, I don’t even know how they are called in general!) but I guess they are pretty easy to find. (They are certainly easy to find in the small town that I live).

Craft pins

So, the first thing (after you print/draw the template) is to color the dragon anyway you like. Then, cut across the outlines until you have three different pieces, the body of the dragon and the wings.

Individual pieces of the dragon

With a sharp tool (I am using an x-acto knife, you can use a sharp pair of scissors, a screwdriver… anything. Just be careful to keep it out of reach of children), make a small hole on each of the red markings. (See template below)

Place the pieces one on top of the other so that the holes are aligned and insert the craft pins. Your dragon is ready!

Final Dragon

So, have fun and happy crafting!

Paper dragon template

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