Baby Box Paper Craft (+free template)

I’ve told many times before that being an artsy mum isn’t easy. Kids can have high expectations. I’ve gone to great lengths to satisfy my little ones, crafts, coloring pages, even recipes and whatever else you can think of. This time, however, I really outdid myself. I spent so much time with this Baby box, if only I could spend that much time on my personal art!

Anyways, here are the templates you can download and print, and make your own Baby Box.

Baby Box template page 1
Baby Box template page 2
Baby Box Paper Craft instructions 1
Baby Box Paper Craft Instructions 2

Baby Box Paper Craft Instructions 3
Baby Box Paper Craft Instructions 4

However, this craft is not “easy” as the other paper crafts I occasionally post. Just a warning! This is how it looks like after a lot of painting, cutting, and glueing.

Baby Box Craft and a shameful photo of my desk

Also make sure to check out the video process, it might be useful. Happy crafting!

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