Draw this again vol3 – Captain Jack Sparrow

It has become a tradition. Since I began drawing, I make a Jack Sparrow artwork every two years. It is a good habit, not only because I love Captain Jack Sparrow, but also because I can track my progress this way. I did the original post 2 years ago, you can check it out here. Now, a couple years later, I thought I should add the 2019 version.

2013 was graphite, 2015 prismacolor colored pencils.

2017 faber-castell polychromos colored pencils and now in 2019, I felt the urge to go back to my signature style, and create a heavily textured, high contrast, black and white drawing. (True, it is 2020 now, but I finished the drawing in 2019, so it is within the 2-year margin, right?)

Jack Sparrow drawings through the years


  • Winsor&Newton smooth surface cartridge pad 230gsm. (My favorite paper to this date. It has a slight texture that is visible under all the layers of graphite, and as you already know, I am not a fan of super smooth flawless shading. Love paper texture, I feel it makes my drawing “legit”.)
  • Mars Lumograph 4B and 8B graphite pencils, with 8B used about 80% of the time.
  • Tombow Mono eraser.
  • Putty eraser
  • Tissue for blending.


It’s crazy seeing your old art and seeing how much you have improved or gotten worse in some cases. My art journey has been hectic and not-so-smooth. You can check it out here:

After many idle years, it was hard for me to grab my pencils again, both physically and emotionally, because my technique deteriorated. But here I am again, determined to continue my journey. Keep your eye on the horizon for the 2021 Jack Sparrow drawing! Ahoy!

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