Tutorial: Gabby’s Dollhouse Easter Eggs (+ free template)

It’s this time of the year again! Easter Eggs are a big deal in our family, the little ones love painting them – and everything else that is in close proximity (but that’s another story). Normally I am just watching, ready to fix the colorful mess they leave behind. This year, however, it was my turn to have fun! Gabby is our favorite show, so here are the mighty Gabby’s Dollhouse Easter Eggs.

I used Arrtx acrylic and arrtx metallic markers (Arrtx is my new favorite brand, check out what I think about their markers). Generally you need something opaque and permanent, because painting on eggs isn’t easy. Takes a lot of patience to draw on a curved, slippery surface, where paint takes forever to dry. (Especially if you are a professional artist. Takes a lot of courage to showcase your flaws!)

I painted the eggs free hand, but below I made a chart for you. This is approx how each cat should look on the curved surface of the egg.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Easter Egg Chart

And this is how my eggs ended up.

Gabby’s Dollhouse CatRat Easter Egg
Gabby’s Dollhouse DJ Catnip Easter Egg
Gabby’s Dollhouse Pandy Easter Egg
Gabby’s Dollhouse Pillow Cat Easter Egg
Gabby’s Dollhouse Baby Box Easter Egg
Gabby’s Dollhouse MerCat Easter Egg

Pretty funny, right? I know that they are nothing like my usual art, but I love them! Can’t wait to paint them again with my little ones.

What about you guys? Have you painted your Easter Eggs this year? Are you going to try these designs?

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