30 Day Nomad Sculpt Challenge – Day 23: Martini

23rd day of my 30 day 3d challenge. I am so exhausted by yesterday’s Elsa and even though I wanted to sculpt another face, I though I should take it down a notch if I want to survive. Also it’s December 23, kids are in a super festive mood. On top of all, there’s also the pandemic that makes everything more difficult than it should be.

So I did a Martini! (I am in urgent need of alcohol I guess) Shaken not stirred. It was the second time I did transparent material within transparent material, namely liquid within a glass. This time I had a different approach but I couldn’t find a solid solution. (this would make a great pun if I could talk technical stuff. You see, in Nomad Sculpt, I made the liquid solid!) In the end, in order for the liquid martini to be seen through the glass, the canvas has to be tilted to a specific angle. No idea why… I hope it’s a matter of my inexperience, and not a matter of the app.

When tilted to a specific angle, the liquid martini disappears
At another angle, liquid Martini is here

Apart from that, it was a fun project. And I also added a vanishing olive animation in the end!

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