Review: Arrtx Acrylic Markers + Metallic Paint Pens

I am slowly becoming a huge Arrtx fan. Their products never disappoint. When I first tried out their pencils I expected a casual pencil targeted to kids (Mostly due to the low price tag). Imagine my surprise when I found out that I could create my usual photorealistic art without any quality loss. Yep, learned my lesson. I will never again judge things based on their price tag. (and neither should you!)

Photo on the left, drawing on the right, done with Arrtx colored pencils

Their acrylic markers didn’t disappoint either.

A while ago when I reviewed their 30 piece General and Pastel acrylic markers I was in awe. I would have never believed that their 24-acrylic market set and their metallic paint pens would be even better!

Arrtx Acrylic 24 marker set
Arrtx metallic paint pen set

I would really suggest you read the 30 piece review, because what applies there, applies here too. For those lazy ones (no offense, I am the laziest person in the world!) all I need to say is that arrtx acrylic markers are basically an inexpensive alternative to the ever-so-famous posca markers.

Arrtx Acrylic Markers 24 set (the two on two top) and 30 set (bottom)

For the rest of you (who are still reading!) I will start by saying that the 24-marker set is the exact same formula, but it comes in a dual tip marker, so that you can use the small rigid tip for details and the brush like tip for larger areas. Also, the brush tip is considerably smaller and the foam is more dense, better quality. Foam applicators tend to crumble over time, this one looks like it won’t be affected. Will see… I’ll keep you posted!

Color Variety

Compared to the 30-piece sets, colors here are more organic, not too saturated. It is almost like they are targeted to photorealistic artists like myself, I have absolutely no complaints here!

Arrtx 24 acrylic marker swatches

On the other hand, the metallic paint set offers crazy colors, the most beautiful colors I have ever seen!

Arrtx metallic paint pens swatched


Just like the rest of their products, they are completely opaque and insanely pigmented. Their metallic pens are 100% opaque even on black paper. Yep, I’m in awe.

Arrtx Metallic Paint Pens
Arrtx Metallic Paint Pens – direct sunlight

Since I covered almost every surface on my previous post, this time I opted for something different, I decorated our Easter Eggs. If you ever tried to paint Easter eggs with markers and/or paint, you should know that they are among the trickiest surfaces ever. However the results were incredible. Feel free to check out the full article here.

Easter Eggs decorated with Arrtx Acrylic Markers


And now we come to my favorite. Generally acrylic markers are difficult to blend (actually they are impossible to blend, they can be partly blended only if you are a talented professional artist. But I hate labels and being definitive, hence they are only “difficult”). Well, the colors in these two sets, the 24 acrylic marker set and the metallic paint set are quite “melted” it takes longer for them to dry which makes them easy to blend. And when they do, the result is absolutely beautiful! Check out for yourself.

Blending Arrtx Acrylic Markers

I am primarily a pencil artist, acrylic markers are not my medium, but I cannot wait to use them in a photorealistic artwork!


The best part? Acrylic is considered a lightfast medium, and acrylic markers are the most lightfast markers out there. Maybe not as lightfast to be displayed in a museum, but they will certainly last long enough.

Markers on Various Surfaces

I covered the subject extensively here. Arrtx Acrylic Markers can be used on ANY Surface and they are opaque. Once they dry they are permanent. They won’t budge and they are completely waterproof. The only way they can be removed is when scratched. Even then, it requires effort to remove all the paint completely.

Arrtx Metallic Paint Pens


Arrtx is well known as an affordable brand. Their 24-marker set retails approximately 23€, which is insane when a generic acrylic marker costs anywhere from 2-4€.


The only disadvantage that I can think of, is that the markers are not open stock. You cannot refill them either, the only way to replace them is buy the whole set. However, at such a price tag, and such a variety of colors, this is not a huge problem.

That’s all folks! What about you? Have you tried Arrtx acrylic markers? What do you think of them? And if you haven’t yet, you can get them here: (*affiliate links)

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One thing is for sure, I will keep experimenting with the markers. Keep checking out this place!

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