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3 pencil challenge
Art Challenges

3 Pencil Challenge: Drawing Wolverine

3 Pencil Challenge: Drawing Wolverine Drawing a color portrait with only 3 colored pencils. This is something I wanted to do for a long time, partly to challenge myself, partly to prove that I can do it and partly … just for fun! To loosen up and do something silly

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Steve Jobs drawing
Draw this again

Draw this again vol. 2: Steve Jobs

I have no words for this man. He was such a huge inspiration of mine. I know there is a lot of controversy around his name, but I believe he was a good man and great at what he did. He is one of the reasons I am such a

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Painting a simple space scene in procreate
Digital painting

Tutorial: How to paint a simple Space Scene in Procreate

I’ve been always a sucker for everything Space: astronomy, technology, movies. It was a matter of time before I tried to paint something spacey! In fact, it took too long!  Anyways, better late than never, here’s my little piece. Normally such stuff is a …piece of cake in photoshop! It

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Drawing realistic hair - 1

The Easiest Way to Draw Realistic Hair with Graphite

Like most pencil artists out there I was utterly intimidated by hair when i started drawing portraits. Not finding something that could actually help me, I started developing my own technique. After so many years, this initial way of drawing hair is still my favorite because it is the easiest,

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Drake font

Painting Nathan Drake in Procreate and creating skintones

Painting Nathan Drake in Procreate and creating skintones When I was young(er) my wildest dream was to work in the game industry. Yep, I am a funny person! Naturally I abandoned my dream too soon but my love for game art is very much alive. When I saw this poster

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Bevel and Emboss Effects

Bevel and Emboss Effects with Procreate

As a designer who works exclusively on an iPad Pro, I use Procreate app about 95% of the time. Naturally, some photoshop/illustrator features are missing. However, they did such an awesome job with the app, and they update in so frequently that my tutorials will be useless after a while!

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