Another 30 Days Nomad Sculpt Challenge – Day 8: Scotch on the Rocks

Day 8 of another 30 days 3D challenge, and after many many transparent models, glasses, liquids, perfumes and bulbs, I still cannot model liquid-within-glass in a realistic manner. Shall I give up? Nahhh, never! But I am certainly frustrated.

This time there was an additional difficulty, the ice tubes, so it was basically glass-within-liquid-within-glass. The results were the same thought.

As I have done before, I ended up modeling the scene so that it looks ok-ish under specific lighting, in a specific environment and at a specific angle. When a parameter out of these changes, the 3d model looks off. Kinda reminds me heavy makeup and photoshoots. Heavy makeup, contouring etc looks great at photoshoots (=single frame at a specific environment) but it looks scary in real life! (Why we continue wearing heavy makeup in real life, is another story…)

You can see what I mean at the images below. Under specific lighting, background etc, the scotch looks good, but at a random environment it looks nothing like a scotch. Even the glass is empty, that was not by mistake, the liquid disappears at this angle. No idea why…

Scotch on the Rocks, done in Nomad Sculpt (Reflection was added off-app)
Under different circumstances, the scotch looks nothing like a scotch

So, today was a disappointing day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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