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Colored Pencils

Drawing skintones with colored pencils (featuring Avi Kaplan)

Drawing skintones with colored pencils is probably the most challenging task for all pencils artists and drawing enthusiasts out there. And that’s quite understandable since skin consists not only of multiple hues of browns, reds, and yellows, but also unlikely colors such as greens, blues and purples. (Yes, really!) Fortunately,

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Colored Pencils

Draw this again: Jack Sparrow

I’m totally obsessed with everything related to the Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny, the movies, the music… everything. Naturally I tend to do a Jack Sparrow drawing every now and then. So, I felt quite brave the other day and decided to share my progress throughout the years with a

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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! I’m Joanna and I love drawing. The feel of the pencil in my right hand, the flow of the paper, the smell of the empty sheet as it fills with graphite. Every stroke makes me feel more connected with

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